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Contract Packing

Posted On: 2nd December 2014

Contract Packing Services from HFC, Ltd.



One of the many services that we offer here at HFC, Ltd. is contract packing. Functioning mainly as a cosmetics manufacturer, we understand how vital it is to package your products in such a way that the aesthetics fully represent your brand. Not only should a package look pretty, but it should also appeal to your target market. In the following sections, we will take a look at the status of today’s contract packaging market and how HFC, Ltd. can help package your products to perfectly suit your individual requirements as a client and as a brand.


A Glimpse at Today’s Contract Packaging Market

In the North American region, the market for contract packaging is expected to reach more than $20 billion for the next two years. Why is there such a huge demand for the service? Let’s say that you are a mid-sized company manufacturing a line of mineral makeup for women. Rather than focusing your energies and using your manpower on packaging-related tasks, you can hand it over to specialized contract packaging companies. These businesses know exactly what they are doing because they have the proper equipment to handle and package products. This means that as a company, you can focus all your energies on your core competency which is developing innovative formula for mineral makeup. You can also pay attention to more important things like brand development.

You will probably notice today that there are different packaging available for a wide array of products. Those who dub themselves as eco-conscious companies have environmentally-friendly packaging. There are packages which scream out the brand name, which is more about imaging. There are also product packages which only appeal to a niche market. For affordable products, the packaging are equally inexpensive. Packaging is such an important aspect of the supply chain because it is used for product filling, shipping, distribution, all the way to retail marketing. To eliminate the costs associated with these steps, it is better to rely on specialized contract packaging companies, which is exactly what HFC, Ltd. is.


By handing over your packaging needs to our company, you can enjoy the following benefits:

-          Lesser problems due to a more streamlined packaging process

-          Lower overhead costs

-          Reduced freight costs

-          Reduced manpower

-          Eliminated equipment rental costs

-          Quick turnaround time

Packing Based on Your Requirements


What else do you need to know about the contract packaging services offered by HFC, Ltd? First up, we do offer a full range of bespoke packaging services for the following: blister packing, cosmetics, customized, eco-friendly, food, foil, flow wrapping, nutritional supplements, organic products/cosmetics, sachets, skin, shrink packing and sleeving.


Whether you have a one-man operation and you will require us to package a small batch of products, or if it’s a big job that you would like us to handle – we do have the proper equipment and skilled staff to do it for you. Some of our clients work in the fashion, retail, food, wholesale, engineering, print and all sorts of industries. To give you an idea about the types of equipment we use for packaging, here’s a quick look:

-          Liquid Filling Machines

-          Labellers

-          Skin Packing Equipment

-          Shrink Wrapping Equipment


More importantly, HFC, Ltd. has been in the contract packing industry long enough to fulfil all your packaging needs. We offer utmost efficiency, competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time once you decide to hire us for your packaging project.


In today’s world which relies mostly on visuals and images, the outside packaging is as important as the quality of your product. Allow HFC, Ltd. to package your product for you in such a way that it will reflect what your brand is all about.


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