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HFC is fully-equipped with various sizes and capacities of liquid filling machines to accommodate different pack sizes and can package a wide array of items, from small 5 ml/gram bottles or containers, up to larger 25kg packs, etc and minimum/small quantity runs are our speciality.

We can also fill customer’s own material and products into various packs and sizes. For example in measured batch packed quantities for further processing thus avoiding unnecessary handling and weighing of materials during processing and avoiding the need to store open packs. So what this means is we have the right equipment to accommodate such pack sizes for you.

HFC offers a comprehensive range of liquid filling and powder filling services and can pack  creams, powders, gels, oils, scrubs and highly-viscous materials like waxes.

We designed our liquid filling and contract filling services in such a way that every step is monitored allowing you to get updates on the status of a particular batch. With the experience that we have in the industry you can rest assured that HFC can suitably address all your filling needs.

We can also supply the packaging ie bottles, jars, tubes, tottles and foil packs when required.

We provide a comprehensive labelling/re-labelling, service. Simply deliver your products to our warehouse and we will manage and control your production for you.

Labelling is offered for all sizes. You have the option to use your own labels or HFC can take care of this using our close links to printers, label and document designers. Send us a design for the labels and we can get these printed for you . Our labelling equipment can apply labels to the top, bottom or side  and if you want, you can even have plain products delivered to our HFC Ltd and we can label for you. Aside from labelling machines we also have clean, spacious rooms where all our title labelling jobs are done.

At HFC we can help you create labels using our efficient process, expertise in labelling, top-of-the-line labelling machines and the experience that we have in the industry.

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