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Distribution and Storage/Fulfilment

If you’re a business owner or Company and your operations are not yet big enough to handle the distribution and storage aspect to get your products out in the market or to your customers quickly and efficiently. Here at HFC one of the many services that we offer is distribution and storage for the cosmetic and food industry. We pride ourselves in being a cosmetic distribution company in the UK with plenty of expertise in this area.

Depending on the scope of your operations you might need to look for a Company to offer repacking or packaging services prior to the distribution and storage, we can certainly do this for you. Aside from cosmetic storage, we also offer wholesale makeup distribution, order fulfilment, and pick-and-pack services.

We specialise in UK and European order fulfilment support. We offer you a small-dedicated team who will manage your account from orders in, pick and pack to inventory and shipping. We offer you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your online business in a partnership based on trust and reliability

We are familiar with the series of steps in the order fulfilment process. Whether it’s a small consignment that you need us to fulfil for your own client; or if you need us to fulfil a large container delivered via road, sea or air freight we have the  equipment and know-how to do this for you.

HFC is equipped to offer a range of postal, packet and parcel services, delivering to residential and business addresses in the UK and overseas.. This includes the full range of Royal Mail services, International postal services, and a courier service available for the UK and International. We can also offer a pallet service for the UK and International deliveries.

We organize delivery and fulfilment from Amazon, Ebay and other power sellers to the largest skincare product manufacturers. Some of our most recent clients include Harley Street Skincare, Sue Moxley, Cajcom and Spa Technologies to name but a few.