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Contract Packing

HFC offers a full range of bespoke packaging services. We have a comprehensive line of packaging machinery to fulfil different repackaging tasks and the contract packing services that we offer is very comprehensive. Our work is of the highest standard and the company operates to ISO 9001 2000. We are always willing to re-pack customers’ own materials to their requirements.

We can pack/fill materials in any quantity required. For example, in measured Batch packs as required for further processing thus avoiding the need for handling and weighing of materials during processing and storing opened packs. Customers can ship products directly to our  facility and we will manage the stock and packaging materials, re-package the products and whether your products are big, small, premium, expensive, easy or hard to pack, large or small runs. We will despatch the product back to you or to the end user - all in one seamless operation.

Whether you would require us to pack bottles for a small order  or a larger quantity product into bottles or tubes, we have the right equipment to deliver the goods, efficiently and on-time.

One of the major services that we offer to cosmetic manufacturers/organic cosmetic manufacturers/skincare manufacturers and for third parties is creating private label cosmetics. If you would like to have a bespoke line of private label skincare/cosmetics private label and label it under your name we can certainly do that for you. All jars and bottles can be supplied or you can provided your own and we can offer labelling in all sizes. You have the option to use your own labels or HFC can take care of this for you with our close links to printers, label and document designers.

Finally, handing over your contract packing projects to us is a hassle-free process because we offer efficient services with competitive prices, delivered in a timely manner.